Safety Program Development & Maintenance

Is your business not big enough to employ full time safety personnel? Do you need one day of service, the occasional day, one week, or one month? We can help!

Together, we can customize a safety program that is designed uniquely for your company. Your company's safety program will be tailored with your certifying partner in mind. It will also be developed to encompass the legislation only for the province(s) in which your company works. Need specific codes of practice? We make sure only applicable information is included in your safety program.

Already have a safety program in place? We can work with you to upgrade your program. We can build a computer generated safety manual from an existing hard copy, and help advise you on the next steps to take with your program.

Our knowledgeable consultants will ensure that your safety program is in compliance with all safety registries with which you have an account and that you are ready to pass any regulatory audits.

Most importantly, the program will ensure that you and all your workers are protected.