COR/SECOR Auditing

Going for your COR/SECOR Audit?

We can help achieve and maintain your certification! Meet with one of our safety administrators and discuss the requirements for gaining your certificate and how to proceed with preparations.

Do you need help setting up a program that will qualify your company for a COR/SECOR audit?

We are here to assist! Our programs are always under revision to ensure they are meeting the newest COR/SECOR protocols.

Already have your program developed, but need help organizing it for an audit?

We can help with that, too! Bring in your paperwork and one of our safety administrators will go through your files to analyze where you are at. Or, schedule for someone to come out to your office for review.

Has your audit come back with deficiencies?

Bring in your audit review and meet with one of our safety administrators. We will help you to understand where you lost points and develop corrective actions for improvement.